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Information about adult establishments in Tokyo

This site lists some of the foreigner-friendly adult establishments in the Tokyo area like soaplands, delivery health, hotel health, sekukyaba's and more.



How to get there

Via train

Yoshiwara is a not very close to any major train or subway station and the closest stations are a 10-minute walk. Many of the soaplands here do offer free pickup and/or dropoff from major stations like Ueno when you call them.
  • Tokyo Metro Hibiya line - Minowa or Iriya station: From Ueno, Ginza, Naka-Meguro, Kita-Senju. From other parts of Tokyo you should take a train or subway to Ueno or Ginza and transfer to the Hibiya line.
    Minowa station is probably the easiest option. When you come out of the station, head towards Tokyo Sky Tree and when you pass the gas station or fire station on the right, take a right.